Leadership Bulletin To Parents

To all members of our school community, THANK YOU for your support and understanding as we work to create and maintain a safe and secure learning environment for our students and staff and make our return to school in person a reality. We will be the first to admit that at a time like no other in our lives, we have had to adjust our past practices in order to balance student safety and our commitment to our student’s education.  We also wish to express our gratitude once again for the trust that you have placed in us at this time. We do not take this responsibility lightly. We understand that some aspects of our return to school have needed to be revised and might have raised some questions among members of our community. However, please know that we are working tirelessly to provide our students with the best experience possible currently. Unfortunately, procedures may still need to be adjusted as guidance from the district is updated, we review our own practices at Barnard and continue to assess what needs to happen in order to maintain a safe and secure learning environment for students and members of the Barnard community who walk through our doors each day

School Arrival:
Teachers and school personnel will continue to receive students in the school playground. At approximately 8:20am, teachers will begin to transition their students to their classrooms for breakfast.  Additional school staff will remain in the playground until 8:45am when classroom instruction is scheduled to start.  Late arrivals should be escorted to the main entry door for completion of the health protocol and subsequently escorted or sent to their classrooms (grades 3- 5)

Lunch and recess:
Students in Early Childhood classes and kindergarten will have lunch in their classrooms. They will use the Early Childhood playground for recess. Kindergarten students will have an assigned recess time and will use the blacktop area. There are five lunch periods scheduled for first through 5th grade levels in the cafeteria. More specifically, in order to provide for social distance while students eat, each grade level will have its own lunch period. The partition between the cafeteria and the general-purpose room (gym) remains open and additional tables have been added. Each of these grades also have their own individual recess period.

Early Dismissal/Late Arrival
As a reminder, we have all worked hard to get our students back in school. We need them here every day, all day and on time. We also understand that occasionally a doctor’s appointment can be hard to make outside of school hours.  Please limit the number of early dismissals and late arrivals to the greatest extent possible (especially during high traffic times like before long weekends). If you need to pick your student up early for an excused absence (doctor’s appointment, etc.) – please call BES and let Ms. Blanchard and/ or Ms. Salamanca on (202) 576-1100. We will call your student down to the main office when you arrive. Please allow for 10-15 mins for this process. If your student is late, please call Barnard ES on (202) 576- 1100 with the reason for the late arrival. Your child should enter through the front doors. We cannot do early dismissals after 2:45 pm. The building is in transition during this time. Thanks for your understanding

Extended day :
Extended Day in DCPS is an extension of the traditional school day. An additional hour of instructional time is added at least four days per week with the end of the school day taking place at 4:15pm. During this time, teachers spend more time on instruction and students engage in more time on tasks, both of which have better outcomes for students. Extended Day has been effective in allowing educators at specific DCPS schools to increase their students’ literacy engagement and mathematics instruction as well as other core content areas. The Extended Day Program allows teachers to cover more material as well as allowing students to engage in more blended learning and small group activities. It also enables teachers to provide research based, tiered interventions in a small group setting

Extended day at Barnard:
Barnard has implemented Extended Day (Mondays -Thursdays) for the past five years in grades 2-5. Fridays were designated for students’ extra-curricular activities. Due to the Pandemic and the unfinished learning of students, the perceived academic loss and social emotional needs of our students, we extended the opportunity to all of our scholars.

Effective immediately and based on our observation over the past two weeks, Fridays will now be part of our Extended Day program. This will provide parents and families with uniformity and convenience as well as benefit all of our students. We will undertake the responsibility of engaging all of our Extended Day students in various fun activities for the extended day hour (3:15pm to 4:15 pm) on Fridays. Extended Day, therefore, will be Mondays through Fridays 3:15pm to 4:15pm.

Dismissal and Student Pickup:
Here at Barnard E.S. we are continuously adapting to the protocols outlined by DCPS and the CDC to keep our community safe from COVID-19. We recognize the need to improve the time it takes to pick up your scholar. In response to the feedback received, we are making changes to our dismissal procedures. Please see the updated procedures for dismissal on the next page.  Students in grades 4-5 with documented permission submitted to the school to walk home, will be released at their specified dismissal time.

Three tents, labelled with the designated grade levels ECE Pre-Sch3, Pre-K4, Kindergarten) (1st- 2nd) (3rd, 4th , and 5th) are located on the playground. Each tent is managed by staff members, classified as “pathfinders,” as indicated below:
• Pathfinders for ECE and K (Ms. Maxine Harrison/ Ms. Sandra Montgomery/Ms. Shanice Blanchard) • Pathfinders for Grades 1-2 (Teacher Patti Nelson and Officer Burrowes) • Pathfinders for Grades 3-5 (Ms. Antoinette Wortham/Coach Shay/Coach Crick) Parents/Guardians, when picking up your child: PRE-SCH-3, PRE-K-4/KINDERGARTEN:
• Proceed to the tent labeled with the grade level band for your child. • A pathfinder will direct you to the designated pick up/sign outdoor for your child • There, you are to present your ID to the teacher for designated pick-up check and sign your child out FIRST THROUGH FIFTH GRADE (Grades 1-5)
• Proceed to the tent labeled with the grade level band for your child. • Present ID to the pathfinder for check as designated pick-up. • Sign your child out WE ARE KINDLY REQUESTING THAT FOLLOWING PICK UP, STUDENTS DO NOT LINGER ON THE PLAYGROUND AS IT IS OUT OF BOUNDS AT DISMISSAL TIME.

As we continue our journey together through SY 2021-2022 and the uncertainties that the Pandemic presents, we crave your patience and understanding as we partner together to make this a meaningful and productive experience for our children

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