Health & Safety

Safety Rules and Procedures

Health and Safety / Arrival/Dismissal Safety Rules and Procedures

To ensure that our Barnard students are consistently safe and secure during arrival and dismissal each day, please note important rules and/or procedures that are being implemented during School Year 2021-2022. Please review and adhere to the following school rules and/or procedures listed below:

Health and Safety

The health and safety of our Barnard Bears and the Barnard Community is of paramount importance. Therefore, to ensure we are aligned with the guidelines set forth by the CDC and DC Health guidelines, Barnard Elementary School will adhere to the following:

  • Universal indoor masking by all students (age 2 and older), staff, teachers, and visitors, regardless of vaccination status. (Students will be provided with hand sanitizer upon entry into the building and masks, if needed. Additional PPE and hygiene supplies will be available for staff and students.)
  • Utilize Patient Care Technicians (PCTs) and trained staff volunteers to support school-based health protocols each day. These include daily symptom screenings (ASK, ASK, LOOK) and staffing of the Health Isolation room.
  • Utilize Air System Plus air processors (i.e., portable HEPA filters) in instructional and common spaces.
  • Socially distant space arrangements in hallways, classrooms, common areas, and entrances/exits (Students will maintain at least 3 feet of physical distance (as much as is feasible) to reduce transmission risk.)
  • Utilize signage throughout the building to convey important information (e.g., how to stop the spread of COVID-19, symptom identification, hand hygiene, social distancing, wearing masks, arrival/departure locations by grade level, etc.)
Arrival Procedures

AM Drop off by car is at the driveway on Decatur Street. PLEASE DO NOT PARK AND LEAVE YOUR CAR IN THE DROP-OFF ZONE. Always watch for pedestrians walking on the sidewalks in front of the entrance and exit to the front parking lot and crossing the street in front of the school. Teachers and staff will be ready to welcome students starting at 8:10 am and everyone will be going directly to their classrooms.

AM Entry into the school building will be as follows: Pre-School -3; Pre-K-4 and Kindergarten students will enter through the small playground. Students in classes with direct access to their classroom will use the classroom door.

  • Pre-Sch-3               Alexandra Endres
  • Pre-K – 4               Tashana Bruce
  • Pre-K – 4               Keisha Warner
  • Pre-K – 4               Natasha Swinson
  • Kindergarten               Briana Philips
  • Kindergarten               Jennifer Dewan

ECE and Kindergarten students who do not have direct access to the classrooms will enter using the middle door leading to the ECE wing corridor to access their classrooms. This includes the following classes:

  • Pre-Sch-3               Kelley Bodwell
  • Pre-Sch-3               Kiera Shepherd
  • Pre-Sch-3               Briana Rogers
  • Pre-Sch-3               Nicolette Allen
  • ECE CES               Jenna Leyva-Cruz
  • Kindergarten               Ramonia Jones
  • Kindergarten               Jenny Cronin

First Grade Students in Annex A

Teachers: Deidra Moore, Siddiquah Ottley, Subira Parker, Rae Ragland, Iquo Jones

Students will make a right hand turn once they enter the school playground. They will pick up their breakfast and proceed to their classrooms.

Second Grade Students in Annex B

Teachers Valerie Medley, Nana Adu, Cynthia Cole, Jessica Alvarez-Harris

Students will make a right hand turn once they enter the school playground. They will pick up their breakfast and proceed to their classrooms.

Third Grade Students

Teachers: LaAdah Demus, Nita Lemons, Donna Robinson Porter, Shanice Smith

Students will enter building through the main entrance, pick up breakfast in the lobby and proceed to their classrooms upstairs through the stairwell directly in front of the security desk.

Fourth Grade Students

Teachers: Juliemay Syquio, Renee Calcagno, Alina Majer, Eric Brofft

Students will enter building through Decatur Street entrance, pick up breakfast at the door and proceed upstairs to their classrooms

Fifth Grade Students

Teachers Desmond Smith, Carol Purvis, Darius Krider, Griselda Rutherford

Students will enter building through the small door on the left of the main entrance, pick up breakfast at the door and proceed to their classrooms up the stairs on the right.


Students who travel to school by the school bus will be escorted to the main entrance of the school. They will be signed in and hand delivered to a teacher or teacher assistant, who will escort them directly to their classroom.

Quick Reminders
  • Please do not drop your child(ren) off at the school site BEFORE 8:10am as the staff are not on duty until 8:00am.
  • Parents, if you are walking your child to the designated entry point, once your child is received by one of our staff members, we are kindly asking that you exit the school campus. There will be one school building entrance opened during the school day for school visitors.
  • Please do not enter or interrupt classrooms in the morning as students are expected to immediately begin their morning routines and teachers are busy setting up for the morning lessons, etc.
  • Any parent and/or adult entering the campus must have an appointment or have made arrangements with the administration prior to their visit (conferences, meetings, events). They must always sign-in and follow the established safety protocols.
  • NO ADULT should use any student restrooms on campus while volunteering and/or attending a school-wide event /meeting; the adult restrooms are located behind the security officer’s desk in the main lobby.
  • Violations of school safe procedures during arrival should be reported directly to school leaders. . . Dr. Reid, Dr. Vargas and Dr. Hetherington

Dismissal Procedures
  • Students in Kindergarten thru the 5th grades who are dismissed after extended day (4:15 pm) should be picked up outside (not inside) the school building
  • Parents are not to enter the building or school campus before dismissal to retrieve your child from the classroom, playground, and/or hallway class line unless called for early dismissal (e.g. child is sick) or the student has an appointment.
  • Parent Security: there are court/custody orders that require the school site to adhere strictly to and monitor who students are picked up by during dismissal time. Any court order/custody documents must be submitted to front office staff at beginning of school year so school can notify staff members associated with child(ren) in timely manner.
  • Foot traffic must always use sidewalks and crosswalks.
  • Dogs (pets) should not be brought onto the school campus due to student allergy concerns, as well as the possibility of the dog biting students, staff members, and/or other parents on the school campus.
  • Neighbors have requested that you consider not parking in the streets in front of their homes, especially not in front of their driveway.
  • Note that double parking in the driveway is strictly prohibited.
  • Please note the Metropolitan Police Department will be checking periodically for cars parked illegally which may place our students at risk.
  • Students who walk home are to have a letter on file, signed and dated by parent/guardian, indicating that they have permission to walk home.

The staff and I truly appreciate your continued assistance and cooperation with maintaining a safe campus for all our children. Please be mindful, always, that we need a concerted effort by our entire school community to ensure safety for all students, staff, and parents during the school year.

Please feel free to contact me at your convenience if you have further questions and/or concerns at

In the Service of Children
  • Dr. Grace A. Reid, Principal
  • Dr. Gladys Creppy-Hetherington, Assistant Principal
  • Dr. Maribel Vargas, Assistant Principal